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Clip-in hair extensions

  • How to install clip-in extensions?

    You simply need to open up the clips, part your hair and attach them as close to the roots as possible. All hair extensions come with the clips pre-installed, so you can ‘clip & go’! The clips are discreet and made to be non-slip for the best possible quality and comfort. Click here to read o...
  • What is the distribution of the clip-in extensions?

    Distribution: 1 weft of 8" (4 clips) 2 wefts of 6" (3 clips per weft) 2 wefts of 4" (2 clips per weft) 2 wefts of 2" (1 clip per weft) Total: 7 wefts, 16 clips
  • Does My Hair Need to Be a Certain Length to Use Clip in Extensions?

    The ideal length for a flawless and natural blend is at least 6-7 inches (in-between chin and shoulder length).
  • How do I remove clip-in hair extensions?

    Canada Hair's clip-in extensions are secured to the roots of your hair with sturdy clips. To remove the clips, simply unclip to open by gently lifting either side of the clip.
  • How Do I Sew on a New Clip?

    To sew the new clip onto the weft please follow these instructions: What you’ll need: Scissors. Thread of a similar color to the weft. A needle that’s small enough to fit through the holes of the clip. How-to: Remove the old broken clip by carefully cutting the material which fastens the clip ...
  • How Should I Store My Clip-In Hair Extensions?

    You can store clip-in hair extensions in any air-tight container like a medium sized plastic box and keep it in a dark location like your closet or dresser drawer. Before you store your extensions, always: Check that the hair is completely dry. Brush the hair out. Close all the clips. How-to: ...
  • NOT PUBLISHED What is the difference between 'Standard', 'Thick', and 'Very Thick' clip-in hair extensions?

    All Canada Hair clip-in extensions are available in full head sets that are made of high-quality hair. The higher the grams, the more hair is attached to each weft. The individual strands themselves will be consistent in thickness from root to tip.  The reason we provide these weight options, is ...
  • What Are Clip-In Hair Extensions? Are They Permanent?

    Say Goodbye to Glues, Tapes and Metal Rings With Canada Hair's Clip-In Extensions!  Affordable. Easy. Safe Clip-in hair extensions are your quick, temporary and hassle-free solution to achieve longer, fuller and beautiful hairstyles in a matter of minutes! As the name implies, the extensions lite...
  • Will Clip-In Hair Extensions Lead to Balding or Hair Loss?

    When worn properly, your clip-in extensions will not lead to balding or hair loss. However, it is important to understand that clip in extensions are for temporary wear only. They are not designed to be worn permanently, as this can damage hair follicles. For that reason we advise our customers t...