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How Should I Store My Clip-In Hair Extensions?

You can store clip-in hair extensions in any air-tight container like a medium sized plastic box and keep it in a dark location like your closet or dresser drawer.

Before you store your extensions, always:

  • Check that the hair is completely dry.
  • Brush the hair out.
  • Close all the clips.


  1. Stack the wefts neatly, from biggest to smallest, on top of each other.
  2. Fold up the hair from one side of the stacked wefts to the other.
  3. Tie a soft scrunchie just below the base of the hair to keep the hair together and prevent a kink.
  4. Twist the length of the hair in one direction and roll it up into a donut-looking shape.
  5. Neatly lay the hair down in the box.

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