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How to apply clip-in hair extensions?

Do you want to know more about our clip-in extensions and how they’re applied? Perfect! Because after you this easy step-by-step tutorial, you’ll know everything needed to achieve an easy application with a beautiful result!

Regardless of what length, colour, hair type, or thickness you choose, all of our clip-in extensions are safe and easy to apply. They won’t damage your natural hair and the clip’s lightweight construction allows you to wear them comfortably all day long! We have designed them for at-home application without any complicated tools, equipment, or expensive appointments at the hair salon!

All of our clip-in extensions come with 7 different hair wefts in a variety of sizes. And each weft has its pre-installed clips. Because the clips contain a silicon strip for extra hold, you can have them clipped to your hair securely without worrying if they’ll stay put or not! And they open and close with ease… all you have to do is simply apply a little pressure!

To begin prepping the hair, you’ll need just a few items for the sectioning process…

Make sure you have a hair clip or hair tie, a rat tail comb, and a soft paddle brush.

Don’t have a soft paddle brush? No worries, because we include one in every order at USA Hair and Canada Hair!

Let’s take our brush and run it through our hair thoroughly, removing any knots or tangles. This provides a perfect foundation for the extension clips to grip. Go ahead and go through all your extension wefts and open every clip ahead of time. This will make for a much smoother and faster application as you won’t have to fiddle with them during the installation process.

Keep in mind that clip-in extensions generally look their best when they are spaced about 1 inch apart …. so let’s section our parts with this distance in mind. The application is going to start from the back of our head, working from the nap of our neck upwards.

With that said, let’s dive into Step 1!

Step 1
Our first part is going to be an inch or two from the nap of our neck. Because our hair tends to be finer in this area, make sure there is sufficient hair for the clips to attach to. Now let’s tie up the top section so we can work with the first horizontal part without obstruction. We like to start with the 3 clip weft for this first section. Now, if your hair is very fine in this area, you can tease the roots and add a little bit of hair spray for extra grip before clipping your extensions.

We are going to secure the middle clip to the root first and then I’ll clip the two sides after. Doing this sequence of snapping the clips in place from the center first provides more stability to the extension while applying.

Now that we have our clips closed over our root, let’s gently brush it to make sure it is tangle free and stays put. We have completed our first weft application!

Step 2

Let our hair down and repeat the sectioning process… remembering to make it about 1 inch higher than the extensions we’ve just applied. Now that we have our second part, we are going to secure the top portion of hair again to put it out of our way.

Take your 3-clip weft and attach it in the same way as the first… middle clip first… side clips last.

Step 3

Let’s apply our 4-clip weft!

Let your hair down again and create another section of hair 1 inch higher from the last. This section will likely be in line with your mid-ear, more or less. In that case, use the largest weft for this area, which is the 4-clip weft.

We are going to clip the two clips towards the center first, then clips the sides last. Let the top portion of hair down and brush it gently to ensure all is secure. This last extension for the back that we just placed should be located 1-2 inches or more below where our natural part starts from the back. This is to ensure we have enough of our hair to cover this highest weft. Let’s now move on to the side applications!

Step 4

For step 4, we are going to start by separating a thin section of hair 1-2 inches above our ear. Take the top portion of the sectioned hair and tie it up out of the way.

Grab one of the 2 clip wefts, double checking the clips are open and clip it to the root. If you notice your hair is very thin in this area as well, you can tease the roots and apply a little hairspray. Staying with the same side, we will jump straight into Step 5…

Step 5

For step 5, we are going to let our hair down and section a new area just above the last placement.

The exact area you section and place this final weft is really up to your personal preference. Clip it where you feel you need more volume or balance.

Clip it securely to the root and let the top portion of your hair down. Gently brush it out to blend with your natural hair.

Step 6
For Step 6 we repeated steps 4 and 5 on the other side of your head!

If you have a side part you might want to place more rows of extension on the thinner side of your head just to make sure you accomplish a balanced full look. Where you choose to place the final wefts are not only affected by where we part the hair, but also by the natural growth… which often includes one side being naturally thicker than the other. There is room for preference here, so feel free to play around with the placement that fits your taste, your unique hair, and its growth! Now that we have placed all our clip-in extensions, we can style our hair with hot tools if we want! After a few times through these steps, we know you’ll soon be applying your clip-in extensions like a pro.

If you are having trouble picking the right hair colour from our 30 colour options, don’t worry! We have a free colour match service where you can get free colour swatches and samples. You can also send us a selfie and one of our hair experts will recommend a hair colour for you! With our different lengths available, we know you’ll find just what you’re looking for! As North America’s leading hair extensions and wigs brand, we offer high-quality clip-in hair extensions that will blend seamlessly with your natural hair. They are comfortable and lightweight, making them suitable for everyday wear, all day long! And, did we mention that our clip-in extensions ship fast and free anywhere in North America? That’s right. Discover today why thousands of Americans and Canadians choose to order their clip-in extensions only on USAHair.com and CanadaHair.ca!

Q: Are clip-in hair extensions easy to apply?

A: Yes, clip-in hair extensions are extremely easy to apply and require no long-term commitment or technical skill. Before applying, make sure your own hair is free from tangles and knots. Then simply take each weft of hair and attach the clips along your natural part, making sure they are secure. For best results, allow a professional stylist to help with placement or use an extension guide for reference. With proper care and maintenance, clip-in extensions can provide long-lasting volume and length without causing damage to your own hair.

Q: Are clip-in hair extensions safe?

A: Yes, when applied correctly, clip-in hair extensions can be a safe and effective way to add length and volume without causing damage to your own hair. If properly cared for, the clips are secure and won't cause any discomfort or irritation.

Q: How should I care for my clip-in hair extensions?

A: Proper care and maintenance is essential to maintaining the health of your clip-in hair extensions. Before wearing, make sure to brush out any tangles or knots and avoid using too much heat while styling. Additionally, it is important to use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner formulated specifically for extensions in order to keep them looking their best. Allow the extensions to air dry after washing, as excessive heat from blow drying can cause damage. Finally, when not in use, store your extensions on a flat surface and keep them away from direct sunlight for maximum longevity. With proper care, clip-in hair extensions can last for multiple uses with no signs of damage.

Q: How do I remove clip-in hair extensions?

A: Removing your clip-in extensions is simple and straightforward. Begin by gently brushing out any tangles or knots from the wefts, then carefully unclip each piece starting at the back of your head and working towards the front. If you encounter any resistance while unclipping, be sure to take extra care not to pull on the clips as this could lead to breakage or damage. Finally, store your extensions in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight when not in use. Following these steps will help ensure that your clip-ins are safe, secure, and ready for their next wear!

Dec 29, 2023

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