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How to install a clip-in volumizer?

Looking to add some extra volume to your natural hair? Or, are you searching for options to bulk up the density of your existing set of hair extensions? Our clip-in volumizer is a great way to do just that! It’s also an excellent option to add volume to invisible wire extensions or to stack on other 4-clip hair wefts! With versatile volume at your fingertips, our clip-in volumizer will become your new favorite tool for accomplishing luxuriant hair!

In this video we will show you how to apply the clip-in volumizer extension! But first, let’s talk a little bit about the product’s construction!
Designed with simplicity in mind, you won’t need any complicated tools, equipment, or an expensive trip to the salon to put it on! It will not damage your hair and is lightweight for all-day comfortable wear. The clip-in volumizer extension consist of 1 large weft that has 4 pre-installed clips. These clips contain a silicon strip for a solid grip and open and close with ease… just apply a little pressure.

Regardless of what hair length, hair type, color, or thickness you order… the clip-in volumizer extensions are safe and easy to use!

But, “Is the clip-in volumizer extension a good choice for me?”, you might ask.

The volumizing weft is perfect for you in the following situations:

  • If you purchased a set of extensions that you find too thin and wish to supplement with extra volume.
  • If you have short hair or a blunt haircut and need some extra hair for a more natural blended look.
  • If you were blessed with super thick hair and our thickest hair extension options were just not quite enough for you.
  • If you are looking to add even more volume to your existing hair extensions set.
  • If you need to replace one of the 4-clip wefts from your extension set.
  • and
  • If you already have long hair and don’t need a full head of hair extensions but just want a little more volume.
  • Really, our clip-in volumizer is for almost everyone!

Let’s dive in to the step by step application process!

You’ll only need some basic items that you likely already have lying around the house!
Grab a:

  1. pointy-tail comb for sectioning.
  2. a hair clip or hair tie.
  3. and a brush to ensure you are starting with tangle free hair!

In this video, we will be applying a clip-in volumizer on the model's natural hair, without any other extensions. In this case, we recommend clipping the volumizer just below the crown of your head, at the broadest part, for best results.

Now, if you are wearing your volumizer in addition to invisible wire extensions, you can place it 1 inch above the hair portion of the invisible wire extensions. You can also place it directly on top of the hair portion, or even underneath it! It just depends on what works best for your desired result!
And, for those who are adding volume to a clip-in extension set, we recommend applying the volumizer right over your existing 4-clip weft, essentially stacking it on top of the hair of the weft.

In either case, the sectioning process remains the same. You will simply adjust the location of the sectioning.

Start by brushing out the hair, ensuring a tangle free foundation.

We will section the hair with a pointy-end comb. Again, we are applying a volumizer to extension-free hair so we will start by sectioning just below the crown, at the broadest part of the model's head. After we’ve made a horizontally part, take a hair clip and secure the top portion of hair at the top of your head.
If you have fine hair, you can tease the root area before applying the volumizer weft to provide a better foundation for the clips to hold to.
Taking our clip-in volumizer extension, go ahead and open up all the clips. Apply the clips towards the middle first, closing them over the hair... working your way to the clips on the outside.

Give the clip-in volumizer a gentle brush to make sure it is securely in place. You can now free the top portion of your hair and style as normal! We like to brush all of the hair out to create a nice blend between the model's natural hair and the extension. Often times you will be done at this point! But if you want to curl your hair or use other hot tools, you now can!

As you can see, the clip-in volumizer is a diverse option to give volume just where you want it!

Remember, if you have trouble picking the right hair color we have a free color match service were you can receive free color swatches and samples. You can even send us a selfie and one of our hair experts will recommend a hair color for you! As North America's leading hair extensions and wigs brand, our clip-in volumizer extensions are made of high-quality hair that will blend seamlessly with your natural hair, producing a discreet result. Available in over 30 hair colors and in different lengths, you are sure to find the perfect match.

Our clip-in volumizer extensions are not only affordable, they also ship fast and free anywhere in North America! Discover why thousands choose to order their volumizer extensions only on our website!

Dec 29, 2023

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