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  • Can I Curl or Straighten my Wig?

    Yes, but only for Canada Hair human hair wigs. If you have a human hair wig, you can curl and straighten your hair to your heart's content. Just remember to always use a heat protectant spray to protect your hair against heat damage and if you heat style your hair often, use a strong conditioning...
  • Can I Swim or Shower with my Wig?

    Swimming or showering with your wig is not recommended. Chemicals and salt from swimming pools and the ocean can dry out and damage your wig as well as alter the colour of the hair. In addition, showering with your wig can lead to unmanageable tangles. Apart from washing your wig in the manner de...
  • How Should I Wash my Wig?

    It’s inevitable. Your wig will get dirty. Factors like perspiration and natural oil from your scalp can make your wig greasy. Wigs with bangs can also get dirty from makeup or face cream. How often do you need to wash your wig? Real human hair wigs and synthetic wigs require about the same amou...
  • How to Put on a Wig?

    New to wigs? You came to the right place! Whether you have long hair, short hair, thin or thick hair, we'll show you the tricks of the trade to keep your wig securely in place below. What you’ll need: Wig Cap: Mesh or Nylon Bobby Pins (for longer hair) Wide Tooth Comb Gorgeous Canada Hair Wig T...
  • What is the Best Way to Store a Wig?

    To keep your wig in top form, store it on a wig stand or mannequin. This will prevent tangling and maintain the natural shape of your wig. You should also store your wig in a room that is moderate in temperature and dry. If you do not own a wig stand or mannequin, you can also store your wig in ...
  • What is the density of the wigs?

    The density is 130%.
  • What is the quality of wigs?

    Canada Hair wigs are available 2 different hair qualities: in synthetic hair and in human remy hair.
  • What is the size of the wig cap?

    The wig cap is a one-size cap. Elastic straps with closures are located on the right and left sides of the wig behind the ear tabs. The adjustable straps allow you to adjust the wig's circumference up to 1" smaller for a more comfortable fit.