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How to Put on a Wig?

We want to show you just how easy it is to put on a wig with confidence! With just 7 steps, you’ll be a pro in no time!

Whether you have thin or thick hair, long or short... You’ll need just a few things to get started…

Make sure you have…
- bobby pins, and if your hair is longer, a few hair ties.
- a wide-toothed comb to separate your hair.
- a wig cap in either nylon or mesh
- and, of course, your wig!

Now let's dive right into step 1…
We want to prep your natural hair first. So if you have short hair, you can use some bobby pins to pin your hair back as flat as possible to your head.
In the model's case, she has long curly hair and will be braiding it in two braids, making sure your natural part will match the part on your wig once it’s styled. After you’ve braided your hair, you’ll want to use a few bobby pins to secure the hair at the nape of the neck. If needed, you can use additional bobby pins to make sure the braids are as flat as possible against your head.
Now you will take your wig cap and put it securely over your hair, adding protection and comfort before the wig placement. The wig cap really captures all the hair, locking it in place underneath.

Now for step 2…
It’s time to adjust the wig strap for a nice snug fit.

You can easily adjust the strap by tightening or loosening it to your desired size. Each wig model can have a different cap design, providing customization options that give you preferences. And we make their wigs able to adjust .5” bigger or smaller to fit your head shape and size.

Now it’s time for step 3!
Now that you have your strap adjusted, go ahead and tilt your head forward and place the front of the wig at your hairline and pull the rest of the wig over the back of your head until it reaches past the nap of your neck. For those who braided their natural hair, place the wig strap over the braids at the nape of the neck as this can help flatten your natural hair even more.

For Step 4, let’s adjust our wig… making sure that the front is positioned along our natural hairline. If it needs to be adjusted in any direction, go ahead and do so.

In Step 5, we will pull the ear tabs towards our temples to ensure they lay flat against our head. Voila! Your hairline and hair should now be completely concealed by the wig. Feel free to repeat what we just did, Steps 1-5, if you feel like you want to become more comfortable with this process. With a few times through, you’ll be a pro in no time!

If you are ready to move on to Step 6, we are going to cut the front lace from the wig. We do offer some wigs without a front lace, so if yours does not have one you get to skip this step! For those of us who ordered a wig with a front lace, let's begin by getting mini scissors, even a pair of small nail scissors will do just fine. The smaller the scissors, the more control you will have when cutting. Let’s start by cutting away the bulk of the lace, not getting too close to the hairline of the wig. Start out by cutting conservatively because once the bulk is gone, we can get more detailed as we get closer to the hairline of the wig. Remember, we can always cut more, but once we’ve cut away too much… we can’t get it back. By leaving the right amount of lace, we are creating the appearance of a natural hairline, so take this part slowly.

And now, Step 7… Let’s style our wig! This is often as easy as brushing it out and walking out the door!
Many are done at this point but if you want to use hair glue or hair tape, you could do so along your hairline for added support and to keep the wig in place all day.
Installing a wig will get easier the more you practice, so take your time and try it as much as you like until you feel more confident!
Again, for those who ordered a wig without lace, you do not need to cut any fabric… your wig is ready to use!

We are here for our customers. If you need help with ordering or have questions about taking care of your wigs, please visit our website for information, tips, and tricks. And please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Dec 29, 2023

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