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How to Put on a Wig?

New to wigs? You came to the right place! Whether you have long hair, short hair, thin or thick hair, we'll show you the tricks of the trade to keep your wig securely in place below.

What you’ll need:

  • Wig Cap: Mesh or Nylon
  • Bobby Pins (for longer hair)
  • Wide Tooth Comb
  • Gorgeous Canada Hair Wig

Tip: The smoother your natural hair, the easier it’ll be for you to secure the wig.

Step 1: If your hair reaches past your chin, you’ll need to fasten your hair to your head. You can do so with the help of bobby pins. Also remember to clip away any visible strands, like bangs.

Step 2: Next, for added protection and comfort, wear a wig cap. It locks all your hair away underneath soft nylon or mesh material.

Step 3: Adjust your wig straps to your perfect fit. Canada Hair wigs can adjust 0.5” bigger or smaller to fit in with your shape.

Step 4: Tilt your head forward. Place the front of your wig at your hairline and pull the wig back over your head until it reaches past the nape of your neck.

Step 5: Adjust your wig so that the front is positioned along your natural hairline.

Step 6: Move the ear tabs towards your temples and ensure they lay flat against your head.

Voila! Your hairline and hair should be completely concealed.

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