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How Should I Wash my Wig?

It’s inevitable. Your wig will get dirty. Factors like perspiration and natural oil from your scalp can make your wig greasy. Wigs with bangs can also get dirty from makeup or face cream.

How often do you need to wash your wig?

Real human hair wigs and synthetic wigs require about the same amount of washing. Depending on how much you perspire, the wig will last about 3 weeks to a month between washes. However, if you aren’t a frequent wearer, you could stretch the time frame between washes even further.

The Golden Rule: The less you wash your Canada Hair wig, the longer it will last. To extend the time between washes, try to minimise exposure to styling products that will cause product build-up, like mousse, hairspray, etc.

How to Wash Your Wig

What you’ll need

  • Wide Tooth Comb
  • Towel
  • Human Hair Wigs: Sulfate and Alcohol Free Shampoo + Conditioner
  • Synthetic Hair Wigs: Specialized Synthetic Hair Shampoo + Conditioner
  • Wig Stand or Substitute

Step 1: Untangle

If your hair is slightly tangled, be sure to give it a gentle brush with a comb before you wash it. This will prevent further tangles that may lead to shedding.

Step 2: Rinse

Rinse your hair under running, lukewarm water from roots to tips. Do not soak the wig, as this may lead to tangling.

Step 3: Wash Using Shampoo

Gently work a small amount of shampoo through your hair with your fingers to prevent tangling. Flip the cap and then use small circular motions to wash the wig cap. Rinse off the shampoo using lukewarm water. (Let the water run down in the same direction as the hair strands to avoid tangles.)

Step 4: Restore Luster Using Conditioner

For synthetic hair: Spray leave-in conditioner from mid-length to the ends of your hair.

For human hair: For ultimate care and protection, use a deep conditioning treatment for 2-4 hours.

Step 5: Rinse

Rinse off the conditioner with running lukewarm water that flows in the same direction as the hair strands to avoid tangles.

Step 6: Dry

For synthetic hair: Air dry the wig by placing it in its natural position on a wig stand.Use a comb to gently position the hair in your desired style, before it dries.

For human hair: Air dry or blow dry the hair in your desired style.

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