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How to choose the best hair topper for me?

Hair toppers are the perfect way of concealing hair loss issues or thinning hair in a discreet & safe way.

The toppers you will find on our website are comfortable, lightweight, made of high-quality materials, have a natural-looking hairline, and are affordable.

But which hair topper is the best? The answer depends on your hair loss stage and hair loss area, that's why we offer 5 different hair toppers. Each one of these toppers have its own purpose and its own base dimensions.

We have a hair topper chart that will help you identify which topper is the best for you.

For those losing hair in the part area and its in a beginning stage, we recommend our hair smaller toppers for the part area. But if you're losing too much hair in the part area, you may consider our larger toppers for the part area which are wider.

As for those losing hair in the crown area, we have 2 types of toppers to address this issue. It depends on exactly where in the crown area you're suffering from hair loss, since each of these toppers have different base sizes.

However, if you're suffering from advanced hair loss, our full coverage hair toppers is what you need.

All these 5 toppers are available in different colors & hair lengths. Made of high-quality premium remy hair, our hair toppers are the perfect solution to cover hair loss or thinning hair safely & discreetly.

Visit our websites for more information on hair toppers!

If you're still unsure which hair topper to order, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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Dec 29, 2023

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