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How to apply a "part area, large coverage" hair topper?

Are you ready to learn how to apply a “Large Part” hair topper? It only takes a few minutes, and after this video, you’ll know all the steps needed for a perfect application!

But first, let’s start with a few product details. The hair topper for the part area in "large coverage" is ideal for those experiencing advanced hair loss, particularly at the area of the part. The base dimension of the topper is 3 x 5.75 x 5 inches. It weighs in at just about 60 grams, providing comfortable all-day wear! You only need one Large Part hair topper for your entire head. It’s discreet, lightweight, and a low-commitment option that can be applied and removed easily from the comfort of your own home.

The Large Part hair topper is handmade - each and every hair is hand stitched to mimic how natural hair grows from the scalp. And with premium remy hair, it looks just like real hair!

This Large Part hair topper is in the color 1B - Black/Brown, which is a great match for our model's hair color.

The cap has 4 pre-installed silicone clips that easily snap into place and hold to your hair all day! The base is made of high-quality monofilament, creating one of the most natural-looking hair lines available… no one would guess that you’re wearing a hair topper!

Let’s jump into the application process!

  1. We want to start with clean hair that has been brushed free of any knots and tangles. There is no need to tease or backcomb your hair prior to application and you can part it as usual.
  2. Take your Full Part hair topper and make sure all 4 clips are open before installing.
  3. Starting with the front clip, we are going to place it about .5 inch behind the hairline and clip it. Now, If you find it looks better a bit closer or further from your hairline, that’s totally fine. There’s room for personal preference here. Next, we will move directly to the back clip, closing it securely in place. And lastly, we will move to the side clips, closing them over the hair that falls directly under them.
  4. Now that our topper is secure, let’s take a look for any adjustments that may be needed. If you find some changes you’d like to make, simply repeat this process until you’ve got it just the way you want.
  5. The final step is simply brushing out the topper to blend it with our natural hair. If you wish to take a flat iron or curling iron to style it further, you can do so. We have now learned how to install our Large Part hair topper! With a few practice rounds through this process, you’ll be applying your topper like a pro in no time!

If you’ve been looking for solutions to conceal thinning hair at your part, we have the perfect options for you. Our toppers are available in different base dimensions, depending on the area you are desiring to cover. Our online store offers a wide variety of colors… with options in black shades, brown shades, blonde shades, ombre shades, and much more!

We sell high-quality remy human hair toppers at affordable prices. And with fast and free shipping anywhere in North America, you have all the reasons to choose your next hair topper at our online store!

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Dec 29, 2023

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