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Differences between hair toppers and wigs

You may have noticed that you can order wigs and hair toppers. But what's the difference between these 2 products?

A wig is a hair piece that fully covers your entire head and completely hides your natural hair. It provides an entirely new look on its own. It allows you to fully change your appearance. Different color, length, style, density, you name it! Wigs provide full coverage so they are Ideal for those with advanced stages of hair loss or baldness.

On the other hand, hair toppers allow you to cover a specific hair loss area whilst still letting the rest of your own hair show. Several types of hair toppers are available, with a wide range of base dimensions depending on the hair loss area such as hair toppers for part area, crown area, and more!

If you need help choosing the best wig or the best hair topper, please feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help!

wigs and topper \(800 x 3300 px\).jpg
wigs \(1\).jpg
hair toppers \(1\).jpg
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2 \(2\).jpg
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Dec 29, 2023

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