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How to apply invisible wire hair extensions?

Do you want to know more about our invisible wire extensions and are you curious about how they’re applied? After watching this short video, you’ll know everything you’ll need to achieve an easy application with a beautiful result!

The invisible wire extensions are perfect for anyone desiring longer or more voluminous hair that installs in record time with a simple application. They are so easy to use that they can be applied and removed at home without a fuss! And, because our extensions are made with premium hair, they look and feel just like real hair!

The first step is to adjust the wire size to fit your head. This wire adjustment process is shown in detail in a separate video. Once the wire fitting has been done, you will not have to readjust it again!

You’ll notice our invisible wire extensions come with velcro clips that you can use for added security and hold. If you find you don’t need them, simply peel the velcro clips off and store them for future use, if desired. *show the extensions from the inside so the removable clips can be seen.

To get started with prepping our hair, we will need a rat tail comb or any comb with a pointy end nearby so you can make a neat part. You will also need a hair tie or clip to secure your separated hair.

The wire itself will be positioned at the top middle portion of your head, which is about 2 inches back from your natural hairline.

The hair portion of the invisible wire extensions will be positioned at the back of your head where you can feel the natural curve of your skull.

Let’s start sectioning our hair!

Starting at the front of our head, at that 2-inch mark from the hairline, we will use the rat tail comb to make a horizontal part for the wire to lay over. This front part we are creating will essentially extend from ear to ear on both sides. Keep in mind, the neater we make this part… the easier the blending of our extensions and natural hair will be towards the end of the process. Once we are done with the front, we will continue that part to the back of our head, just under that natural curve of the skull. Now take the separated top portion of hair and pull it up into a bun, securing it with a hair tie or clip. The bottom section under our bun can be brushed out. The reason a top bun is preferred for the upper portion of our hair is to avoid potential snags and pulls when placing the invisible wire extensions around our heads. You should be left with a trendy half bun that looks something like this!

If you kept the clips on your extensions, make sure they are all closed for this step as this will keep them from snagging on the bun while we work on the perfect placement.

We like to start from back to front when it comes to placing our extensions. So let’s start with the hair portion of the extensions and place it directly over the part we’ve created at the curve of our skull. Now, gently pull the front wire toward the front of the head, laying it right over our part. The wire should sit comfortably over where we sectioned the hair.

We can now close the clips at the back of your hair if we have left them attached.

When it comes to the overall fit of the invisible wire extensions, you want it to sit comfortably around the crown of the head. It should not feel too loose or too tight. You can take your time and play around with the placement a bit until you feel it’s in the most comfortable spot.

If you are happy with the positioning and can comfortably move around without the wire budging, you can release your top bun!

It’s now time to blend!

Gently brush out your hair to blend it with your extensions and to help conceal the wire. As you are brushing, you may find a few areas where your hair is trapped under the wire. Don’t worry, this is completely normal. Simply use the rat tail comb to help pull your hair through any trapped areas and continue with a brush for the perfect blend.

If you wish to style your hair with a curling iron or flat iron at this point, it’s ready! These extensions are in Jet Black which is a shade darker than the model's hair but you can still see the difference in volume & length. You have just learned how to install invisible wire extensions! With a little practice, you’ll be applying for your extensions as if it were second nature!

If you are having trouble picking the right hair color from our 30 color options, don’t worry! We have a free color match service where you can get free color swatches and samples.

You can also send us a selfie and one of our hair experts will recommend a hair color for you! We also offer different lengths, ensuring a perfect match for the look you’re after!

As Canada's leading hair extensions and wigs brand, we offer high-quality invisible wire extensions that will blend seamlessly with your natural hair. Our durable invisible wire extensions are comfortable and lightweight, making them suitable for everyday wear, all day long! And, did we mention that our invisible wire extensions ship fast and free anywhere in Canada? That’s right. Discover today why so many extension lovers choose to order their invisible wire extensions only on Canada Hair!

How to adjust invisible wire hair extensions?

Dec 29, 2023

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