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Where is your hair from?

Canada Hair takes great pride in the fact that our hair is 100% ethically sourced.

Human hair originates from hair donors who are predominantly from India.

There are 2 different ways a person can donate their natural hair.

Some people will decide to cut their hair as part of their religious practices and beliefs, since their hair is considered a precious offering.

The hair is cut in religious temples. These religious temples gather all the hair that was offered and proceed to sell it.

The benefits from these sales are redistributed in these local communities, helping to fund schools and medical services.

Other people willingly grow their natural hair for the sole purpose of selling it. Instead of cutting their natural hair and throwing it away, they can provide for their families by selling it.

Once the hair makes its way to our factory, it goes through an extensive sorting and cleansing process.

The hair is cleansed, bleached for some shades, and dyed. It is then followed by several washes, along with a conditioning treatment before packaging.

It's important to remember that we always make sure that our hair is ethically sourced and the people donating their hair are fairly compensated.


Feb 3, 2023

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