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How to take care of wigs?

  1. It is advisable to wash the wig carefully with a wide tooth comb to prevent tangling. You are required to remove the tangles by brushing it lightly with the help of a wide tooth comb or a brush. Pulling or dragging is fiber might damage the wig.
  2. Pour cold water rather than hot water into a bowl. Mix the water well with an ounce of shampoo. Now you may soak the wig into the water for few minutes. It is highly recommended to avoid using hot water since it will permanently damage your synthetic wig.
  3. Now you may dip the wig in a bowl containing water. This process is executed in order to remove the excess shampoo present in the wig. Do not try to twist and squeeze the wig, which might lead to breakage.
  4. You may apply some conditioner to the synthetic wig by brushing it gently from top until the end. Set it aside for a period of about four to five minutes. Repeat the process by thoroughly rinsing the synthetic wig using cold water.
  5. Carefully position the wig in between a towel, which is folded, and pat dry. You have to make sure that you do not either twist, squeeze or rub the wig while drying. Now you may take it off from the towel.
  6. Finally, style the wig manually or by using a comb in order to maintain its original style. Allow it to dry by placing the wig on a wig stand or a vase. Ensure that you do not use a hair dryer since it might permanently damage your wig.