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What is the difference between 'standard' and 'thick' clip-in extensions? (The weight of clip-in extensions)

The difference is in the weight of the extensions. 'Thick' clip-in extensions are more voluminous than the 'standard' ones.

'Standard' clip-in extensions

• You have a small amount of hair
• Your hair strands are fine
• You are looking to add length

Approximate weight:
• 14 inches: 85 grams
• 18 inches: 100 grams
• 22 inches: 115 grams

'Thick' clip-in extensions

• You have an average amount of hair or a lot of hair
• You want extra length and volume while still maintaining a natural look
• You have short hair and thin hair
• You have thick hair and want length

Approximate weight:
• 14 inches: 125 grams
• 18 inches: 145 grams
• 22 inches: 155 grams

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